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Nek Chand


Nek Chand
Figure Group, n.d.
mixed media

Nek Chand was born on December 15, 1924 in a Punjab village, located in present-day Pakistan. In 1947, during the partition of India and Pakistan, his family fled to Chandigargh, a large, busy city notable for the buildings of the renowned Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier, who designed many of its government buildings.

Nek Chand was, by profession, a public roads inspector. But, he spent his evenings creating figures out of recycled and found materials. He had made a clearing in the jungle for the figures he created, and slowly more and more were added and the clearing where the figures stood grew. It remained secret until 1969, and was the cause of controversy because this use of land was illegal. However, public opinion was very favorable to the rock garden, and in 1976 it was officially opened as a park. Today, it covers twenty-five thousand acres and includes thousands of figures, mosaic courtyards, and paths. Approximately five thousand people visit each day.

The Anthony Petullo Collection is pleased to include three figures made by Nek Chand, which are very similar to the figures of The Rock Garden of Chandigarh.

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