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Michel Nedjar


Michel Nedjar
Untitled, n.d.
acrylic on cardboard pizza box

Michel Nedjar was born in 1947 in Soisy, near Paris, France. From a young age he had a fascination with dolls and fabrics, and at the age of fourteen became an apprentice to a tailor in Les Halles. He earned his diploma in four years, and later traveled extensively, visiting a number of countries in Europe and North Africa, as well as India and Mexico.

In 1976, he returned to Paris and began to make dolls, inspired by the “magic dolls” he had seen in Mexico. In 1980 he began to create in other visual mediums, drawing and painting on found materials. In addition to his work in two and three-dimensional forms, he is also a filmmaker and in 1982 co-founded a French museum dedicated to art brut, L’Aracine.

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